Batman’s Income

Hey guys it’s me.

I wanted to look up how much Batman makes.

He makes 9.2 billion dollars, and Wayne Enterprises makes $31.3 billion dollars.

Anyway I found it interesting to post.

Batman Beyond Return of the Joker

Batman Beyond Return of the Joker is one of the best movies ever in my opinion.

For Example: I like how they show what happened to Tim Drake aka Robin, when the Joker tortured Him. We don’t see that see those kind of dark backstories in Kids show’s anymore.

I also like how they showed Barbara Gordon telling the story to Terry from her point of view and personal experience.

Why I Like Batman Arkham Asylum

I like Arkham Asylum, cause I think they did a good job with not just the graphics and characters, but they did a really job designing The Asylum. And I like how they made the player feel like there in this environment with Super criminals, thugs, and really just all kinds of craziness.

The They made that whole game was awesome.

Like if u agree.

Learning about Batman’s Utility Belt

Been learning about one the most important things on Batman’s suit. And that is the Utility Belt.

Never ceases to amaze me of how many things Batman can put into His Belt.

He has gas pallets, baterangs, grapnel guns, medical kits, and the list goes on.

But I guess some crimefighters need a lot of things in a utility belt . And in Batman’s case, He needs those for his war on Crime.